Valentines Ball 16th April

by Steve Jones on Friday 28 December 2018 22:22

I’m thinking about booking the Friday and Saturday night, anyone else booked or thinking about it...?

Would be grateful for feedback from anyone that has attended one of these events before.


Hi Steve, I can't find any info on the Valentines Ball in April? 

Hi, if you enter UK Markyate in the destination field and February in the date it should pop up...!

Thank you Steve, I'll look into that tonight.

Hi everyone , I just spent the new year here and had a lovely time, food was good and hot and plenty of it, rooms were cleanan and service as fairly good, made a change from the desaster at Wroxall Abbey it all went wrong there.

Thanks for the update laidbackron - I finally found information on the Val Ball cheers Steve but unfortunately it is too far for me to travel :-(


Hi Ron, what happened at Wroxhall Abbey...? I was thinking of booking a trip there...!

Steve while this thread is about the Valentines Ball, I would like to add my comment about Wroxall Abbey. It was my second Christmas there and I had a fantastic time. I will be going again next year if possible. There is a difference between an old Country House Hotel in the country with open log fires and a great ambiance against a modern purpose built hotel on the edge of town.

People will have a preference I like a traditional Christmas and Wroxhall Abbey was exactly what I wanted.

Horses for courses.

Hi all ef Wroxall this is just my apionion I found it so under staffed that the manage doubled up as the only barman, the christmas lunch to over 4 hours so by he end of it  the evening buffet was all set up ready to go, the bedroom maids (2) also doubled up as the only waitressers, it took so long some of my food was barely warm, I have be to over 30 DD over many years and it was one of the worst, also see Wroxall on Tipadviser for more comments.


Mmmmm, two very different experiences! It is good for me to read up on these things & make my own decision! I did look up on Tripadvisor too as advised & again very mixed reviews. Thank you for posting guys.