Zante Apollon July 19 - thread gone?

by SteveH on Tuesday 3 July 2018 19:47

Thread started by Jock, can’t see it any more?

Yep seems to have disappeared looks like we'll have to start a new one

I noticed last night that it didn't seem to be there any more, I wonder why?

think we maxed out the poste...40 is max i think

think we maxed it out at 40 replys

Wonder whether that’s set by FT or board software? 

Never mind, in 2 weeks we can have a natter over some beers. 

E-tickets came yesterday,  bag tags and freebie pen

yes same here steve h ...luggage tabs and e on count down now...just some nasty 12 hr shifts to get thru...then its ...horlicks and 2 sugars and a jolly good book of an evenin

More of an Ovalteeny myself.laughing

Actually, I’m not the best nightlife person, bit of a lightweight as people who have been on holiday with me will know. I don’t really like loud “music” as I have trouble filtering noise, but I fall asleep in quieter bars around midnight! I’m a total morning person, far too chirpy for most people at breakfast. cool Having said that I still drink far more than I should on holiday.

Ten more sleeps (not going to bed Wednesday as I have a 5.10 am flight from Stansted and will be leaving home around midnight). Just can’t wait to get in the sea!

Afternoon cocktail sessions in order then steve

Seem to remember them from last year jock when i got collar me when i came back from the beach. Then had to make a dash for a shower and get changed when i saw the women coming down for pre meal drinks