H10 Casa del Mar, Santa Ponca, 29 September

by BoroGeoff1 on Wednesday 11 July 2018 17:37

So, I'm a slightly bamboozled potential first time, looking at Casa Del Mar, but just looking to see what anyone who's been there has to say. Looks well appointed for the beach and more importantly nightlife, but some of the reviews are a little mixed. Would also be interesting to know what the likely takeup would be for holidays that time of year as it's the latter part of the season.

Hi there! I'm booked for this holiday on 29th September. Not been to this hotel before but know people who have and it's all positive.  The area will still be busy with plenty open  (except the Square) as most don't start winding down until mid or end October. Weather this time is usually in the resort very good early 20s maybe just little chilly at night. Hope this helps!  

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