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by Jules2014 on Friday 28 May 2021 08:07

Good morning,   i am thinking of taking a little break and wondered if anyone else is new to this.  I did, many years ago go to Greece for a week with Friendship , one of the best holidays ive had , since then a lot has happened and i find myself on my own.  I do have a lot of wonderful friends, but as is the case for many they all have partners etc to go away with , so i just thought, come on jules, get out there and do it,see new places, meet new people,   what do you think?


Hi there .I am new on here .waiting for my holiday.Be brave and give it a go .

 I think it’s a splendid idea, Jules. 

 I’ve been a regular with FT for many years now: Easter in the canaries or somewhere similar, a summer fortnight in Greece, and Christmas/New Year in Cyprus.  I missed it big time last year and can’t wait to get going again. 

 Probably a trip to the Apollon in Zante late August or early September to kick off with for me.  Super little hotel, 100 m from the beach, great little bar as part of the hotel – what’s not to like?  I see Colin is the host again this year and he was brilliant last time I was there. 

 Go for it – maybe see you there? 

Hi Jules, go on be brave, no one will bite you, I have been with Friendship several times, always had a lovely time.  After the first dinner we are all new friends!  I would recommend Lindos Memories in Rhodes, beautiful place.  Ionian Hill in Zante.

I would also recommend Lindos Memories. It is wonderful and right on a lovely beach. 

Hello, everyone) I'm new here too, just registered
it's good that you started this topic, will listen

Same here. New to this and hope to take a break as soon as possible flying from Gatwick hopefully. Appreciate recommendations.

Hi I have been using Friendship travel for years and have enjoyed every single holiday I have been on. My advice is to look at the holidays and then go for the one you like the most. Then you will find likeminded people who enjoy the same type of holiday as yourself. If you have any questions about the holidays do ask and one of us who have been there will reply. . Also the office staff are very knowledgeable ( unlike normal travel companies) many of the staff in the office have been on the holidays and have personal knowledge of the accommodation. Hope you all find what you want as I am sure you will enjoy your holiday
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