by wimoot on Wednesday 16 October 2019 22:23

Well now I am really not sure what to do now that Wroxhall Christmas has been cancelled.  I was really looking forward to it.  So I am wondering what other people who had booked, or intending to book, are going to do, any suggestions please.



Do you know why it's been cancelled as it's early to cancel a Christmas break?

The hotel went into liquidation and has closed down  cry

Better to know now than a few days before Christmas. 

We have many other UK options available for Christmas as per our web site page - https://www.friendshiptravel.com/where-we-go/uk.html 

Hi William,

I have booked Dunchurch instead of Wroxall, in my opinion it was the best of the options available to us and there is a very nice pub within easy walking distance.


Thanks Ivan, I guess I will do the same.


Hi folks...... shame about Wroxall, I had booked for 3 nights, I did enjoy it last year ... a bit like 'faulty towers' but we did have a good laugh.  It would be nice to see some familiar faces  .... and i do need to get away for Christmas but planning on going to Chester... it is nearer for me ...... Wendy from Wakefield

Shame about the Hotel, I was looking forward to the Christmas stay. I have now booked Markyeat for both Christmas and New Year.

Hi all,

I only found out today when they called me as their email when into my spam folder so I never received it undecided I've transferred to Dunchurch Park Hotel, Rugby.  I don't know how many have also done this?


Where I live its to difficult to get to the other locations.

So have booked Marrakech, f!ying from Stanstead. You

You can't beat sun and good company over Xmas. 

Been told its a great place for 'Culture Vultures' and the night life is

good too!

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