Xmas: 3 day break either Horwood House/Crown Plaza, Buckinghamshire

by Sue R on Sunday 19 September 2021 10:06

Hi all, I'm thinking of possibly a Xmas break this year as not been away since Xmas 2019. Has anyone been before or thinking of going to either of the above for 3 day break at Christmas? What are the hotels like? I'm coming by train not car, but wondered if there is anything to do nearby if you aren't driving. Anyway, would be great to have anyone's thoughts. TIA



I've just booked Horwood House for the 3 night break. Not been before I chose this over the other options due to the use of the pool and spa areas. I'm sure there would be ample opportunity to car share if you were looking to explore the local area.

Thanks Mark for your comments. I did think both have spas but will need to check. Also perhaps I need to think which will be easier to get to from London by British Rail. Yes I'm sure there might be one or two that might want to explore the area by car and I maybe able to join them.


Just bumping this up, anyone thinking of going to either of these for Xmas? Anyone stayed at Horwood House before and have any views or comments, TIA

Just bumping this up, anyone thinking of going to either of these for Xmas? Anyone stayed at Horwood House before and have any views or comments, many thanks 

Dear Sue, I have just booked for Horwood Hall. it is my first time with Friendship Travel, but I know the hotel. It is in a beautiful setting, but it is in the middle of nowhere. It has recently been refurbished and is now a bit of a mish mash of styles - I've not been to the function rooms only the public parts. It is a popular venue and the price for a Christmas break doesn't seem out of the way. I would be happy to pick you up from the station, but I doubt I will be going anywhere over the 3 days as I regularly work in MK and have friends in the area so I've been to Stowe, Bletchley, Woburn etc. I will however be bringing my Scrabble set! Gaby


Gaby, just seen your message, very kind of you to offer to pick me up from station. I was just actually wondering where I could go nearby  during the 3 days without a car, especially as you say it's in the middle of nowhere. Not sure that FT has much planned during the 3 days. What's the spa like with pool? Do you know how many have booked for Xmas so far? I'm undecided between Crown Plaza in Gerrards Cross and here. I'll make a decision soon, but you've answered my question about it being in the middle of nowhere, thank you.

Gaby, was told there are 10 people booked already. I'm just checking on where the rooms are in relation to main house, as I believe the bedrooms are in an annexe and not in main house, don't really fancy a long walk to main areas, I'd get lost! Almost there on booking, but checking out a few more things before actually booking.

Its not a huge site and some of the public rooms are in the newer part. I don't think you will need to trek large distances across the frozen wastes of the Milton Keynes countryside