Welcome to our new chat room - message board

by ColumatFTMD on Tuesday 19 June 2018 11:12

Hello everyone

We hope you like our refreshed chat room design and functions. We have kept it simple and easy to use after feedback from guests.

The chat room is free to use and anyone can read the posts. If you wish to search posts, make a comment and so on, you do need to have registered and log in. 

The chat room is a area where you can ask questions about a holiday you are thinking of , tell people about your experience and chat with other guests going on your holiday.

As normal with all chat room - message boards - you should not disclose your personal details such as contact numbers, bank details, home addresses and so forth.

Everyone at FT hopes you enjoy using the updated chat room. 

Dear IT guys.

Two points please.

1) The shade of grey used to seperate the threads is too pale and therefore makes it impossible for old g1ts like me to read it.

Yes, there will be people reading this and saying what the heck is he going on about, but they are probably young bucks with perfect young buck vision.

All you need to do is either darken the hideous grey, or even give it a blue tinge.

2) Why does my inbuilt spell check not work on this forum anymore? It works everywhere else on my computer.



let me check ! 

Now is blue - Leon laughing

got to say looks better ,cheers.

Colum, I asked you about n a previous post but didn’t get a reply so will ask again. When you try to vie The Team in your headingnothing happens, is that because I am using an iPad, perhaps you can let me know, thanks Sue

Looks very nice. Reminds me of my late Grandmother's "duck egg blue" muffler she used to wear.

Still don't get the red wiggly line under misspelt (or is it misspelled?) words.

Thank you for your quick actioning.


Hi , like the new layout, but nothing happens when clicking on ' the team' above, everything else is great, chrissie

if you look at page 10 of the brochure it displays the team"

Nice to see the lovely Tracy back...