Karpathios Studios. Pefkos

by jennifer4 on Thursday 25 June 2020 21:00

Hi has anyone booked these apartments Wednesday 2nd September. Jenny

Hello Jennifer.. You can always ask FT how many are going to Rhodes, the same time as you, if no one replies.. I'm going to the Karpathios on the 5th August. When I asked FT, there were 5 booked for my second week, and none for the first week, so Social distancing shouldn't be a problem!! 😊

Enjoy your holiday.... 


Hi Glyn

i feel sure things will pick up over the next few weeks. Keeping all fingers and toes crossed.

hi Jennifer4, i was also thinking of booking this, its a new one for FT, but it looks lovely, the onle thing putting me off is its really hilly and steep, so im still thinking about it,

Hi yes,I wondered about the steep hills. I don’t mind walking down. But will need a taxi back up. The views from the apartments look fabulous.

I tend to find, by closing time, even the flat roads seem steep, and the footpaths are never in a straight line! 😎


somersetlad, yes i know the feeling, must be those shots i dont remember drinking ha ha , if anyone decides to book, let us know on here, would be nice to try out a new place.

Hi I booked this last September, like you I like to try somewhere new. I have checked with FT there are 6 booked for 3rd September, and 4 booked for the following week. 

They are busy with bookings, so I am sure these numbers will rise over the next few weeks. Jenny


jennifer4, what dates are you booked for ? im thinking middle of September myself, but still dithering 

Hi Crimereader. I am booked for 2 weeks from 3rd September.