Nervous 1st timer

by JT75 on Friday 7 May 2021 21:09

Hi. Just found this website. I'm 46 year old man. Can anyone help on what's the best option. Please.  

Hi, in normal times I would strongly recommend the Forever Hotel in Turkey as it's a small, friendly, family run hotel with a fantastic Friendship Travel host.  Sadly, Turkey has just been put on the 'red list'. 

The Apollon hotel in Zante is also very popular and is another small hotel.  The Ocean Dunas hotel in Fuerteventura is good and not such a large hotel that you feel lost.  For the same reason Memories in Lindos, Rhodes has much to recommend itself, with the advantage of being right on the beach.  

Have you looked at the main website and seen a holiday you like the look of?

Given that even though international travel is allowed from England from 17 May, 'green list' destinations are somewhat limited, it might be worth calling the office on 02894462211 when they are open next week to ask what's available .  They're really friendly and will be able to answer any questions.  They should also be able to tell you how many people are booked on an individual holiday.

It's normal to be nervous but it's also usually the case that first timers quite quickly relax once they meet their host and fellow travellers. 

Good luck, I hope you find something suitable.


Thank you.  I'll call the office Monday for a chat. 

Thank you. I'll call office on Monday to chat. Easier than texting back and forth.  

Hey! I'm a couple of years older than you. I've been doing group travel for 20 years on and off. It's honestly amazing!!

I've seen loads of first timers and very quickly you'll settle in. If you want to try something shorter, there are options.  You'll have a fantastic time!

Me too...I feel nervous!

I have met so many nervous newbies who very quickly reaiise that their fears were unfounded. We have  all done the first trip and we all know what it feels like. Go for it!



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