Kenya 5th April

by Sean A on Tuesday 8 January 2019 11:28

Hi has anyone booked to go to Kenya on 5th April? I’m booked on it and it would great to hear from anyone else who has 😀

I'm booked for 5th April. Flying from Amsterdam to Nairobi so won't be on the first flight with the rest of the group. Really looking forward to it!

Hiya yes looking forward to this trip too, I’ll see you on the other side then😀


Hi Ali and Sean,

I have booked on to this holiday - really looking forward to it.  I'm flying from Heathrow so will see most people then!  I've never done a holiday with this company or even a solo travel so might have lots of questions nearer the time!  Sarah

I did this trip back in September. It was amazing - you'll love it I'm sure!

So there's at least 3 of us booked laughing. I'm sure it'll be fun. My first time with any solo group travel too.... but the help over the phone had been great so far.  There was a fantastic review on here a few months ago from someone who went in October... can't access it anymore as it's too long ago it was posted..... wonder if the kind author could repost?

Hi Ali,

I saw it too - full of really helpful details about the trip, from plug sockets in the hotel, to which side of the Lodge to book a room!  If I can find it saved somewhere I'll let you know.


if you google friendship travel kenya feefo ,it is on there ,as are others of people that have travelled with this company .

So only a few weeks to go now. Got very excited when my malaria tablets arrived in the post yesterday!!! Anymore people booked on this holiday?

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