by Juiien from Chelmsford on Monday 28 October 2019 19:29


I arrive from Stansted mid-afternoon Saturday. Does anyone know what the format is for the first evening? (this is my first trip).

Is anyone staying for the 11 day stay?

Look forward to meeting everyone.




if the format is the same as last year there is no dinner on the 1st night due to every one arriving at  different times- 

There is an outside bar where you can order food and there is also room service  avaiable There are bars and restuarant within a 10-15 minute walk of the hotel  exit hotel and turn left and follow the road - and a very good supermarket -- there is a pub called the Crocodile which is very good - which is down this road


Look forward to meeting you on  Saturday




I would prefer not to go wandering alone tonight, if there is no organised dinner. If anyone else would like to join me & explore the neighbouring restaurants, I'll be in the hotel's outside bar about 7pm. Helen x 

Hi Helen

I probably won't arrive at the hotel until around 8pm but will have a look at the outside bar in case anyone is there.

Look forward to meeting everyone.  Safe travels everyone.


Just learned that there is a bit of a welcome meeting in the indoor bar at 7pm for those who have arrived by then. Look forward to seeing you there. 

There's a wedding out the back, it's very pleasant at the outside bar! 😁

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