by Falkirk bairn on Tuesday 15 October 2019 07:15

Hi.  Has anyone done the Agadir holiday over Christmas?   Would you recommend it?

I'm considering agadir at look good,  I'll be interested in your replies 

Hi ria,   Where did you see the reviews?

Hi, not done Agadir over xmas, but during March this year and going back next year, it is a very good hotel, large bedrooms and bathrooms, good food and good staff and Agadir is very good

Thanks malc 

 I did Agadir Christmas 2018. the weather was warm enough to sunbathe, the hotel is large and the buffet meals are very good, I can be a fussy eater but everday managed to find somethign to eat, Entertainment can be hit and miss and can be aimed mainly at the children, you get a visit from Father Christmas etc, we had a mixed group of men and ladies and we made our on entertainment most evenings, 


Falkirk Bairn, I posted on here few weeks ago, also Trip Advisor. 

Thanks ria.  I'll check that out.

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