Wroxall Abbey

by Laura on Wednesday 5 December 2018 18:00

 Have traveled with FT before . Not been to this venue before. Anyone going to Wroxhall Abbey for Xmas??

Also looking for New Year’s Eve udeas fir singles !!! 

Anyone been to Markyate in Hertfordshire ??

Hiya, I am booked in at Markyate for New year for 3 nights never stayed at that hotel before though I’m sure it will be good 😃. There’s a couple of previous posts about staying there for New year.



I'll be there.  a newbe on the scene 


Think I may well be there, I’m a newbie too. 

Hello all - I'm at Wroxhall Abbey as well.  First time with Friendship and looking forward to it.  I'll be there from Sunday 23rd to avoid Christmas Eve travel - anyone else?

Hi Linda,  I am travelling on 23rd also and i know of 3 others that are also going to be there on Sunday.


Excellent news, Ivan, I'm glad I asked!  How will we all know each other.....red carnations or 6 o'clock in the bar?

Hi girls and boys and Ivan, I too will grace you with my presents over Christmas but will be Monday when I'll get there, also doing three night and taking on the murder mystery , do hope they don't kill me off to early as you Ilove me red wine, so will see you all in about 17 days.  Ron

Hi, not sure about the carnations but the bar sounds good, I will probably arrive mid afternoon depending on traffic and after taking my luggage to my room i will be in the bar because it is very comfortable and you can sit  and read if you don't want a drink. I am staying for  4 nights how about you?.




Ah, good tip, Ivan, thank you.  Staying four nights - couldn't resist the murder mystery smile