Forever June 14th 2021

by Taxi43 on Friday 25 December 2020 22:10

Who's going?

Add me to the list 👍

Booked for two weeks from EMA on that date, also booked for Lanzarote 25 February .... I think that may be in the balance, both holidays transferred from this year! Hope life will be nearee niormal by June




So will I 2 weeks rom the 14/6/21 Graham 

Graham? Is that 'in the print' Graham? Or a different Graham🤪

I will be there to.

add me too please

Anyone still going if Turkey is amber on these dates? Turkish airlines state no PCR test required from UK to fly .... that's a plus, I am still hoping to go and accept the testing and self isolation on return...



Absolutely gutted Turkey has been put on the red list.  Hoping that the next review will change it at least to amber in time for you to go (and for me on 28 June).

I think that it is unlikely that Turkey will move to amber at the next review, but equally the Government advice is 'you should not travel for leisure' to amber listed countries. This could invalidate your travel insurance. My best hope now is that the Greek or Spanish islands go green and I can switch to  different location for a week.  It seems that reopening international travel is a token gesture at the moment,