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by Andy55 on Sunday 20 October 2019 01:28

Hi all, I’m a widower, and new to travelling alone, and would like advice/recomendations on a good singles trip/destination to enjoy new friendships?

 Hello and welcome, Andy. Sorry for your loss, and be assured that there are many people on these holidays who will understand your situation. 

 As for recommendations, much depends on the type of holiday you like and the times when you can travel or are looking to travel. 

 Anything which FT advertised as a house party is almost invariably fun and very social. You cannot help but meet people because you are all together in the evening no matter what you choose to do during the day. 

 I would suggest clicking on the “Main Site” link at the very top right of this page.  Explore the main Friendship Travel website at your leisure, choose a few holidays that interest you and come back here asking what people think of them. You should get plenty of answers! 

Thanks Steve.


I'm a widow & started using Friendship Travel about 3 yrs ago & I'm now using them for my 3rd holiday!!  I wanted a holiday where i wasn't "taggged in on family trip", "go on my own & not have any company" (it's the evenings more than anything i hated) - I'm sure you understand what I'm saying...

I've met some really interesting people (& all have a story as to why they are "on their own" too). Believe me when I say it doesn't matter why you're single - ALL of us want to have a good holiday &  that's why we've booked!!  So do it - you'll be so pleased you did it. Hope that helps ! 

Lindos Memories is lovely, i have been twice now. The staff are lovely, food is great.

rooms are nice but bathrooms a bit dark and need updating, shower is over bath.   That for me is the only thing I don't like would definately go  again.  You meet a wide variety of people and after the first day you feel like you have lots of new friends  xxx

Hi Andy55. I too am sorry for your loss. I have been on many Friendship Travel Holidays, and always have fun and  a lot of laughter. The main advantages you can please yourself with what you do on a daily basis , either join a group going on an excursion , lay by the pool , visit a beach . It us all up to you. Over the years I have met very interesting people many of whom I am still in touch  with over a decade later. . As Steve says have o look at the info he suggested, then look at any holiday you may fancy and come back and ask questions however silly you think they may be. Good luck Cheers Jane 

I am sorry for your loss. I am a widow who has had some great holidays with Friendship Travel. I have met some lovely people and it is wonderful to have a group who eat together in the evening. There is lots of choice for you to find your type of holiday.

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