First time traveling alone

by Ping pong on Monday 29 March 2021 14:48

Hi, I'm going to Turkey in October to Forever hotel in Olu Denis. It's my first holiday alone so would love any info and advice.  Kind regards Pauline

 It’s a very good choice for your first trip with a singles company.  The hotel is small and private and in a fairly quiet location.  You will be met at Dalaman airport and will get a private transfer to the hotel, about an hour’s journey. 

 Once there, it’s pretty much up to you what you do. You can spend all day every day by the pool and that’s fine, but they also organise excursions.  It’s a taxi or public minibus ride down to the beach which is quite a long way, but it’s not too far to walk into the town area of Hisaronu.  That’s where a lot of the bars, restaurants and shops are. 

 This house party holidays are always very friendly, and you won’t be left on your own unless you want to be. The regular host is a lovely lady and really looks after people.  I’m sure you will have a great time. 

Thanks so much Steve. That's very reassuring. Its a long way off yet but il keep checking on here. 

Thanks so much Steve. That's very reassuring. Its a long way off yet but il keep checking on here. 

I agree with Steve's comments, the Forever is a lovely friendly hotel, family run, the family really look after you, with a great rep who makes sure no one is left isolated on evenings when you dine out. There are some lovely excursions to do and beaches to visit but the hotel pool area is great also. I have met so many nervous 'newbies' who within 24 hours love their FT holiday, all nerves forgotten. House  parties are a good introduction to singles holidays but I have done city breaks and other trips with FT and always had a good time



Thanks so much for the reply. It sounds so lovely and organised and I'm really glad about the fact I won't be on my own.  I must admit the main thing I'm nervous about is the procedure at Liverpool airport. I've never done it by myself. But hopefully it will be straight forward and hopefully be the first of many holidays with Friendship Travel. 

I'm due to pay my balance in August and I'm wondering now about  changing the date to next year. I cant see turkey going on the green list. At the.moment were being told no nonessential travel. 

Hi, Pauline! I read the article about Turkey travel and found there useful tips, maybe you will find something as well

Here it is:

Hope you will have a lovely journey, bon voyage!

Thanks for the link. Lots of info. At the moment we can't travel from UK. so not sure if I,ll get there this year now  unless it changes from red list to green.  Its not looking promising and even if it goes to Amber I can't afford the extra £200 for the tests. Will just have to wait to see. Thanks for the reply.  

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