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by Sheila's wheels on Friday 12 April 2019 14:21

Hi all , what are these holidays like I am just enquiring at the moment, I've never ventured off on my own as never had to do... 

Well Sheila, no two singles holidays are the same with the range of destinations and types, or even on the same holiday again.... but you are not alone.. there are always people to talk to, go around with, eat with etc. I can't remember how many I've been on. First time nerves (if applicable) go in a very short time... and I am in contact with so many people I've been on holiday with, and have met up with several since the holidays. I have had a lot of fun on these holidays with great memories and the hosts are excellent and make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Hope that helps! Cheers, Rod

i second Rod. You get a mix of people. Some travellers go and do their own thing during the day, some do excusions, some like to chill out, some like to be with others, but it is great to come together in the evening for a meal.  


to Rod and Moggie thanks for that advice as im a first timer to singles holidays :))


hi Sheila i can recomemend the houseparties with mixed age groups .im doing my 3rd in may Friendship are great at making your holiday enjoyable hope u find something to suit .


Great to hear such encouraging feedback. I too am a newbie but hope to book something this year.

I agree with Rod 

I’ve  done several holidays and I’ve loved them all !  I’ve had Small groups as well as bigger groups , It  makes no difference . I’m fortunate I’ve had a lovely group each time I’ve been on holiday  and a great rep which helps . 

Best advice is to choose some where you really want to go and you will love it .You can then spend time alone or with the group if you want to.  What’s not to like ? You have the best of both worlds really 😂

Do it Sheila!  I went on my first Friendship holiday to Turkey last year.  I was nervous at first but I had a blast.  Great people and a brilliant rep.  Good ration of men and women.  Definitely made friends for life.You can do whatever is right for you, stay by the pool or go out and explore.  I'm going back again in May and meeting up with my new friends in summer.  My only regret is that I didn't do it earlier.

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