by Allison on Tuesday 15 January 2019 12:35


I am new to this and thinking about going to Croatia in June, has anyone been there or any recommendations for anyone else.  Thanks 


Hi Allison,

I've been to Hotel Amor a few times and am returning again in September this year. Its a great little hotel, the rooms are nicely furnished and to a good standard. FT take about 8 rooms at the hotel so its not a big group, but you can get to know everybody.

The resort of Supetar, centres around the harbour area which is fringed with bars and restaurants and very laid back, so if you are looking for an Ibiza style resort, this is not perhaps the best choice !! but if you are looking for a relaxing place to go, this is a good choice. The only downside that is nearly all the beaches in Croatia are not sandy, but pebbles, but on the upside the water is amazingly clean. Brac is a good location for travelling around the area, their are plently of places on the island worth visiting and if you get the ferry back to Split, there is no limit to the places you can visit. I could go on for hours here, but if you want more info about specifics i woud be plesed to help !


hi ,i am lookin at this one can you tell me what the currency is i know they are in europe but not sure if they have the euro ? thanks .

Although Croatia is in the EU, they have kept their own currency which is the Kuna and the approx. conversion rate is 8 kuna to £1.00

In some places like Split you can use Euros but not in smaller shops or bars on the island.


Thanks for the reply, haven't been before with FT, so much choice and not sure where to go.  Thinking June or September but nervous about going alone


hi,do you need vaccinations to go to croatia ?

Hi Allison,

You will be releived to know that vacinations are not required for Croatia !!

Regards Paul



I'm thinking about Croatia too, have always wanted to go but also a little unsure of... going on my own, possibly first week in June, you make it sound ideal for me so think I'll take the plunge !!

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