by Eor on Wednesday 12 May 2021 07:22

Hi this will be my first time is anyone going to Portugal in June.

Hi Eor,

I am going to the Real Marina Hotel on 6 June. This will be my second time with Friendship.

Hi. I'm going to Portugal 6th June for 9 nights. Can't wait😎smile

Hi Wendywombat,

I'm also there for 9 nights so looks like we will be holiday companions. Looking forward to meeting you and the others as i believe there are at least 10 of us there.

That's great 10 is good hopefully a few more will join us

out of interest, have you been told what tests you have to take before and after the holiday, thanks 

Hi. I've been trying to find out about tests. Gov.uk still states that Travel to Portugal is essential although I see 12, 000 football fans can now go to Portugal. On return to UK have to get a test in Portugal 2/3 days before departure and then get another test 2 days after returning to UK. I don't know where we have to get a test in Portugal that would be a help if we knew ad obviously would have to book  it.

thanks Wendy wombat, im interested in this holiday myself but dont fancy all the faff with tests, plus having to pay for them , maybe Friendship will know more nearer the time and let you know.

When I spoke to Friendship earlier this week about what tests were required for Portugal I was advised to hold fire as they were expecting Portugal to make an announcement on 14 May which could possibly be that if fully vaccinated PCR Test not required. 

The tests have now been confirmed.

You need a PCR test 72 hours before arrival into Portugual. Details will be included in your e-tickets being emailed out today / tomorrow.