Summer 2020 brouchure

by BoxerMum on Wednesday 9 October 2019 18:13

Is the Summer 2020 'printed' brouchure out yet? Just wondered if it's in the post or if I've missed getting sent one. 95% certain I know what I will book for next year I do like to have the physical brouchure before I finally decided - just in case I've missed something.

Hi everyone

The new brochures have been posted out on Friday, so you should receive these in the post this week - if you have travelled with us in the last 2 years or requested brochures from us, recently. 

We have some great early booking offers for summer which can be seen here - 

Colum & the FT Team. 

My copy arrived in the post this morning.

My copy arrived today, thanks

 I received mine the other day and have been reading it with interest. 

 I am due to retire next July after 40 years in teaching, so I’m really looking forward to one of those nice destinations that become available in September! Now, which one? Time for a new pin in the map I think. cool

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