Morocco 15 nov

by Jana on Friday 1 November 2019 17:01

anyone going to Marrakesh on 15 of November ? 

I am. Which airport are you flying from? Steph


Flying from stansted ! Excited that some one else is going 😂😂

So where do you fly from ? 

Im glad to hear somebody else is going too! embarassed

I'm flying form Gatiwck. I've never been to Marocco before, have you?


No , I haven’t , bit nervous , but exited too , I have been with FT befoe, to Turkey a few years back , had a ball ! So hopefully this will be the same ,looking forward to meeting you there , shame we will be setting of from different airports . 



I havent been either, but have heard good things about it. Look forward to meeting you at the hotel. 

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