H10 - Ocean Dreams, Fuerteventura- 18 September

by suer on Wednesday 14 August 2019 12:16

Hi, going here, anyone else considering this fab hotel? Sue


I know Andy T! Anyone else, plenty of spaces.

 yes I am considering this holiday


I can highly recommend, any questions just ask. Sue

I have stayed at H 10 before in Majorca and the hotel always seemed very good and just wondering if this hotel has a sauna and gym I presume it's got some nightlife

Codie, yes it does have a spa and gym, and good treatments too. I’ve also stayed at the H10 Casa Del Mar in Santa Ponsa, not as much nightlife here but still plenty of bars around, it also has a Music Square where there is always live bands. Lots of nice restaurants as well. Many bars close to hotel too. Sue

Got some more euros yesterday to add to my stash from my last holiday so all ready to go now. I see you’ve been to the h10 in Majorca which I was considering for next year. Another possibility is the Raga 5* inTurkey. Never really fancied Turkey before but both my sons have been this year and raved about the quality of the hotels and AI. So two things to think about before I’ve even finished this years holiday.

Getting fed up with the weather here, think our summer is finished so rollon Sept 18 and a bit of the yellow stuff.

Actually I've been to H 10 Majorca twice first year was a really good holiday good mixture of people. The 2nd year so many people turned up one very annoying drunk which ruin the holiday. What I'm wondering now before booking is how many people will be coming on this trip. And I'm wondering whether the office will actually tell me the needs to be a good party of people to have the time.

Codie, if you are looking for a big party of people on this date, you will be disappointed as there are only 7 of us at the moment, so perhaps you had better look at another FT holiday which will suit you better. If you don’t mind small numbers by all means join us.

Eljsy, yes not long now, looking forward to going, 4 weeks and counting.

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