by Fitstep follie on Friday 23 August 2019 12:20

I've just got one of the last  two rooms for pathos so I will be flying out from Manchester 21st Dec at 13.05 so look forward to seeing you you all booked on this trip.

This will only be my second time with F.T


FITSTEP follie 

Marvellous, Alison. Are you staying for one week or two?

Let’s hope for a lot of warm sunny

Just the one Steve.. Yes let's hope the weather is kind 

Where are you flying in from 

Stansted 0915, lands about 1530.

Your flight time suggests you might be poling up half way through dinner, but they will look after you!

Hi Steve


Yes thats right arrive  about 8.15 

Hi Alison

I am on the same flight as you from Manchester,but I am going for two weeks. I only booked the holiday last Tuesday. Fifth time in Cyprus at Christmas with Friendship.

Kind Regards



Hi Andy 


Oh I will look out for you ..must be good if its your 5th time 😊 


Hi how are youcoolcool

Hi Alison

   Sorry for the late reply, I’m flying from Manchester on the 21st of Dec to Pathos. Maybe we could meet at the airport, It’s my first holiday with FT I’m really nervous. Looking forward to hearing from you. Pam

Hi Pam 


Yes I will be happy to meet you at the airport. I understand your apprehension but I'm sure you will love it ...