Turkey Forever Hotel

by Suzjive on Sunday 31 May 2020 16:39

Anyone else booked for 3 Aug? no sarcastic comments please this was booked well before lockdown? 

Me and a friend had both booked for 20th July for two weeks but have just moved it to 3rd August to give us a better chance of hopefully making it. Hopefully we will see you there. Both flying from Gatwick


Hi....I have booked 10th August for two weeks


 Hi Laura Keeping fingers crossed for 3 Aug,im travelling from Gatwick as well and booked for 10 nights 🌞

Hi suzi

Well if we get to go, we can meet at the airport poss if you are on the early flight


I'm trying not to build my hopes to much.... I'm on the evening flight. 

Reading the news today it actually sounded a bit more positive with these air bridge things by July 15th Inc turkey. 

FT say 95% chance of this happening!! 

That's potentially exciting!! 👍😊✈️

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