Apollon Hotel - Zante

by Sunflower1972 on Friday 2 August 2019 16:46

Hi, is anyone booked to go to the Apollon Hotel in Zante on 10/10? I just need to clarify work commitments? 

Hope you don’t mind me saying, but the weather won’t be to good at that time of year. 😟 Richard 

I'm going for a week on 3rd Oct. The weather is usually about 21C - 23C but cools down in the evening, so pack a cardigan!!


I am going on the 10th and so are 17 others now! I’m guessing the comment “The weather won’t be very good” meansit might not be 27 or 28 degrees, but 23 or 24 is fine by me and wearing a cardi in the evening is okay! My friend went to Zante mid Oct a few years ago and she said that apart from a few showers the weather was lovely. I supppose if you want really hot weather it wouldn’t be hot enough for some. 

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