Apollon Hotel 29 August anyone?

by Lindislover on Friday 9 August 2019 08:42

hi I am considering booking this week and wondered who else is going on 29 August ?




Good moorning

I'm booked on that date and as of yesterday there was 8 in total booked.

Where are you flying from?

Regards Jean

I am going. Just booked the other day. I thought there was 10 booked then. Maybe more by now?

I have booked today for Apollon hotel on 29th August.

My first solo holiday. I'm nervous but really looking forward to it.


Literally just booked an hour ago as has my friend..see you in a few weeks ✈🌞😎🤩

Hi all, Just booked my first 'solo' week for the Apollon Hotel on 29th August. Anyone else flying from Cardiff? Hans

Just found out there are 9 ladies and 5 gents booked for Aug 29th..a good mix.  See you soon :-)

Hi everyone I'm flying from Leeds on Aug 29 th to Apollonius, anyone else?

Blooming predictive text...Apollon!