Sunshine in Zante

by Tintwistle25 on Sunday 24 February 2019 11:54

Lovely day today for Derbyshire for this time of the year!  The renovations on my house are resuming again shortly and will be finished by August after having lived in a building site for 18 months!  So a well deserved holiday in Zante mid September, staying at the Ionian Hill - i have heard excellent reviews.  Looking forward to meeting new friends, if you are there too i will be the one collapsed in a heap by the pool so please wake me up and say hello! 

Hi Tintwistle25,

Im going to Ionian Hill in October, Ive not been there before so could you please give some feedback on hotel, food etc. Sorry not to be meeting you. Have a lovely holiday and rest after all the work on your house.





I stayed there last June and would definitely return. Lovely boutique hotel with great food. Pool area nice and chilled with fab views (great sunrises and sunsets too!). Argassi has plenty of places for nightlife - recommend Green Frog for live music and tribute nights. Other FT guests also liked The Garden Bar and Magik club (I am no night owl so spent some evenings just chilling by restaurant/pool after dinner nattering). Zante Town is great for a change of scenery and shopping. Food was really excellent. Good choice at breakfast with omelettes and the like cooked to order. Nice menu with light and bigger options for lunch (at own expense) or you can walk and eat in Argassi. Evening meals were lovely with good wine. 

  • Sorry i will miss you Sue but i will cone back and let you know how it was.  Tracy thanks for replying.  I may venture out or may stay in too.  I usually have a bit of a sightseeing but think i might just have the energy to chill out, read, sleep, gaze at the view and maybe lift a glass of wine to my lips by September. Lol! 

Ia am thinking of going to the Ionian Hill in September.  Probably 12th.  What date are you going?  Do you know if others are booked?  It looks lovely.  

Hi Ladies,

Thanks for all your comments. Im looking forward to going to the Ionion Hill, Sorry we wont meet, Enjoy your holiday xxxx

Hi Tintwistle

I've been looking at this hotel too and would also go in September though now due to other things coming up it looks like I wouldn't be able to go before the 19th for 1 week.  Does anyone know what the weather is likely to be then as I want to go to relax in the sun. 

cool Hi there


I am going 19 September, the weather should be gorgeous not too just right.   I look forward to meeting new friends !!






Iam thinking of going there start of September or end of August wanna bit of heat